• Technology

    Computer Scientist For A Day


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    Build a Computer from Scratch​

    Learn about all the different components that make up a computer and how to put them together! This class covers hardware, software, installation and repair.

    • Understanding of all components of a computer
    • Ability to install computer components
    • Ability to install operating system
    • Ability to install software
    • Ability to repair a computer
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    A+ Certification

    This class aims to help kids garner an interest and prepare for the A+ Certification when they reach 18. A+ is the industry standard for launching IT careers into today’s digital world.


    • A+ Certification Prep Class




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    Desktop Software

    Learn how to use Microsoft Office and Adobe Cloud Suite. Microsoft Office is the most popular application for document creation in the world. Adobe Creative Cloud Suite features multiple applications for creatives such as photoshop.


    • Microsoft Office
    • Adobe Creative Cloud




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