• Arts, Business, Tutoring and College Readiness

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    Intro to Culinary Arts

    Does your child love food? Teach them the basics of cooking with this delicious course.


    • Intro to Culinary Art
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    Intro to Performance Arts

    Have a young actor on your hands? Get them into the performing arts early! Our intro to performance arts will get them ready for a career under the lights.


    • Intro to Performance Art
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    Introduction to Marketing, Communications, & International Business

    Give a young professional a start on the right foot. Our intro to business classes will help explain the different sides to the business world and what a young adult needs to be successful.


    • Introduction to Marketing, Communications, & International Business
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    Career & Job Preparation

    Prepare for a career in the business world. Learn how to impress potential employers by perfecting your resume and planning your career out years in advance.


    • Internships
    • Career Planning
    • Workplace Readiness
    • Resume Building
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    Tutoring and College Prep

    ​Getting into college is not just about grades. These classes help you get into the mindset of a young adult by expanding your reading and writing comprehension. We also have classes on being an ethically and morally upstanding person, which is the basis for a happy life.

    • Essay Prompts
    • Expository Reading & Writing
    • Mentoring & Leadership
    • Etiquette & Code of Ethics/Moral Conduct
    • Debate & Critical Thinking
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