• Titus STEAM Prep

  • Our Mission

    STEAM = Science Technology Engineering Arts Math

    To connect, innovate, inspire technology in the lives of under-served single-parent households in our community for the purpose of:

    • Empowering families to end generational poverty and build generational wealth
    • Providing inner-city underserved families with a structured hands-on experience in (STEAM) science, technology, engineering, arts, and math through programs offered internally and through our vetted STEAM partners
    • Preparing high school students and parents completing our program to apply for STEAM college majors and STEAM careers
    • Compassionately provide guidance, support, and resources to single mothers and their families
    • Providing STEAM scholarships to inner-city underserved youth to attend and receive their undergraduate degree


    Titus Single Parent Mentoring is a community-based charitable, educational, and support program in Los Angeles County.
    We aim to provide mentoring, support programs, and STEAM educational workshops to inner-city parents and youth. Both students and parents take advantage of Digital Literacy programs and STEAM workshops to grow their knowledge of the ever-changing world of technology.
    In addition to providing our own STEAM program at little or no cost, we partner with international STEAM summer camps & programs. These programs are designed to ensure that students in single-parent households and low-income two-parent households are given an opportunity to attend college, gain employment, and obtain sustainable income. Titus Single Parent Mentoring is a community-based charitable, educational program in Los Angeles County.
    Students join our program as early as the 4th grade and remain in the program until graduation from high school. Upon completion our students are awarded a scholarship for 2-year and 4-year accredited college institutions. Students and parents work together with our College Readiness Committee to ensure that the student and parents are familiar with collegiate prerequisites.




  • 2023 Board of Directors

    Terolyn Phinsee - President

    Tiffany Hartley - V.P. & Program Director

    Helen Flores - Secretary

    College & Career Chair - Bryanna Grant