• About Us

    The STEAM Academy is A group of summer camps that TITUS mentoring parents can sign their children up for. There are multiple different topics with something for every child's interests.


    We want to give exposure to kids who will appreciate new experiences and perhaps find new interests and passions that will allow them to be successful and valuable in the future.

  • STEAM Prep Program

    The STEAM Preparation Program is a series of classes for students ages 9 to 17 looking to gain exposure to STEAM fields.


    Our STEAM programs includes hands-on workshops and field trips in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. Our college readiness program is geared to prepare your student for college success.


    With hands-on experience in STEAM fields, our students find it less challenging to choose their college major and career path.


    Sign up now so that your child can be a part of the Titus STEAM Prep 2023 class! Limited openings.

  • 2023 STEAM PREP Calendar

    The calendar below contains dates and times for Academy classes.

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  • STEAM Prep Program Statistics


    Families reached


    Funding raised

    Over 10 years helping families

    Founded in 2010 helping families in California

    Help our cause by donating

    Anything you can do to help is appreciated. Donations go to the families and children in the program.

  • Questions?

    Commonly asked questions

    What is the difference between Titus Single Parent Mentoring & Titus STEAM Prep?

    Titus Single Parent Mentoring provides resources for parents of K-12 students. Though membership is required, there is no cost to be in the Titus Single Parent Mentoring program. Resources and workshops are provided for parents on a monthly basis. Parents in this program may sign their students up for the STEAM program.


    Titus STEAM Prep focuses only on the students, providing access to STEAM and college readiness programs.

    What does the STEAM Prep Program cost?

    There is no cost for classes for members. Membership is $55 per month per student. Our family plans are discounted $10 off per student per month.

  • Our Sponsors & Resources

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    Quentin Holmes

    Multi-Cultural Children's Books

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    Arts & Learning Conservatory

    High-quality, accessible performing arts for all children

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    Girl Scouts LA

    Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles

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    International City Theatre

    Award-Winning Professional Non-Profit Theatre

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    Gayle Tutors

    Award-Winning Professional Non-Profit Theatre

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    College Preparation

    College Affordability and Transparency Center

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    Princeton Review

    Find Your College

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    Ivy League Schools

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    Feel free to ask any questions below.

  • Join us for our annual Senior High School Scholarship Luncheon

    Annual Pearls of Wisdom & The Ties That Bind Us Scholarship Luncheon

    Annual Pearls of Wisdom & The Ties That Bind Us Scholarship Luncheon

    Each year10 high school students planning to attend college majoring in STEAM fields are selected to receive scholarships ranging from $250 to $1000.
    The base price for a scholarship banquet ticket is $65. All proceeds are used to fund scholarships for our students.

    Event date: May 1, 2022 time 1 pm - 4 p,
    Event location: Washington Room, Liberty Park, Studebaker Avenue, Cerritos CA

    2022 Scholarship application: https://forms.office.com/r/KcDGAesAVy
    View more details...